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Subsidizing interest rates is carried out within the Republican Budget Program 227 - Reimbursement of Interest Rates on Loans (Leasing) for Agriculture Support.
Major Subsidy Areas:
·         Leasing of agricultural machinery;
·         Leasing of technological equipment;
·         Loans for replenishment of working capital, purchase of fixed assets and construction.

Subsidy conditions:
1. Period: from 1 January of the year in which the application for subsidy is submitted. Under agreements concluded during the application year - from the date of the loan or leased asset transfer.
2. Term:  the entire period of the loan agreement. At extension of the agreement, subsidy terms cannot be extended.
3. Subsidies are performed under loan agreements with the interest rate not exceeding 14% per annum, one part of which is subsidized by the state and the other part is paid by the borrower.
Subsidy size: 7% per annum in KZT in all subsidy areas, except for loan agreements, subsidized at the rate of 10% per annum for purchase of agricultural machinery and equipment in the field of livestock and forage production according to the approved list (if there is a document confirming that the borrower has at least 50 conditional heads of farm livestock, or that the borrower has land plots used for growing fodder crops).
4. If the loan agreement rate is equal to or less than the subsidized part of the interest rate, the rate is subsidized in full.

Subsidy is not available for:
·         loan agreements, financed using the funds of the government budget and National Fund;
·         loan agreements with overdue obligations on repayment of principal and interest as of the date of application for subsidy.

The following list of documents shall be provided by the borrower:
·         Application for subsidy of interest rate on loans/leasing  (in due form);
·         Copies of lease/loan agreements with all the amendment agreements;
·         Copies of documents confirming the intended use of the loan/lease: statements of use for intended purpose, a document confirming credit transfer/leased asset transfer;
·         For borrowers engaged in animal husbandry and fodder production: a document confirming that the borrower has at least 50 conditional heads of farm livestock, duly stamped, signed by a veterinarian indicating the vet's full name or a reference of statistical office on acreage planted with fodder crops.
More detailed information can be obtained in the regional branches and central office of KazAgroFinance JSC.

Rules for subsidizing interest rates on loans, as well as on leasing of technological equipment and agricultural machinery, approved by order of the Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan No.9-1/613 dated November 25, 2014 (DOWNLOAD).
We hereby inform that from August 24, 2015 the Operator (KazAgroMarketing JSC) suspended accepting new applications for the interest rate subsidy program, due to a complete distribution of budgetary funds allocated for the program for 2015.