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Policy and Practice of the Company's Social Responsibility

HR and Social Policy

The fundamental of implementation of the HR Policy is availability of the efficient organizational structure and optimal staff. The high professionalism is supported and developed in the continuous employee training and further education system by the consecutive improvement of current knowledge and skills.

To assess the human capital assets in the Company a new key performance index ‘Human Capital Asset Index’ was set in the adjusted Development Strategy (see details at p.11; 28)

The Company hold team buildings on continuing basis, which is one of the best instruments for creation and improvement of the teamwork efficiency. In 2016, the Company held teambuilding at one of the financed enterprises Agrofirm ‘Rodina’.

Safety and Labour Protection

The safety and labour protection is one of priorities of KazAgroFinance JSC and is considered to be an integral part of the Company’s business system.

The preservation of health and life of the employees, creation of safe working environment, injury prevention, improvement of working conditions, reduction of influence of the harmful and adverse factors, minimization of risks and dangers at the work places are the main tendencies of the Company’s policy in the professional safety and labour protection.


Information Security Policy

In accordance with the approved Information Security Policy KazAgroFinance JSC determined the following trends:

1.                Physical security is ensured by the specialized organization’s full-time control with video monitoring in the controlled access premises and along the perimeter of the Company’s building. Upon entry into employment the staff is notified on the compliance with the requirements of the Company’s Information Security Policy and non-admission of leakage of the confidential information in the course of activity;

2.                Information systems and software security is ensured by the comprehensive actions such as:

-          Anti-virus software with constant monitoring of all information processing devices;

-          Ensuring the audit of software and analysis of log files;

-          Regular archiving of the data base;

-          Software products applied in the Company are ensured by a set of actions on continuous support and optimization of business processes. The works on introduction of new algorithms in the software for the Company’s risk detection in the credit and leasing activity are carried out.


Environment Protection

KazAgroFinance JSC actively contributes to introduction and development of ‘green technologies’ in the country’s agriculture, which protect the environment and health of people, facilitate saving of the natural resources, improve the production efficiency, and thus, the competitiveness of the products being made.

To date, at some of financing projects they apply such ‘green technologies’ as reverse osmosis system – a unique water treatment system, reverse drainage system, bio complexes designated for manure and brood processing, pasture water supply, as well as the alternative power sources (wind generators and solar batteries).


Sponsorship and Charity

KazAgroFinance JSC is an active participant of the social projects aimed at the support of the most vulnerable social groups. For over 7 years we provide the sponsor support to the sponsored children’s home for the orphans and children without parental support located in Uryupinka village, Akkol region, Akmolinskaya oblast, giving the gifts to the children on the public holidays and organization of the leisure time during the holidays.

This year the Company’s employees in cooperation with the management of the Children’s Home have arranged a small exhibition and sale of handicrafts made by the children from the Children’s Home in the hall of KazAgroFinance JSC. Just in a half an hour all handicrafts, made in quality and professional manner, were purchased by the Company’s employees. At the expense of raised funds, a new TV set was purchased for the children, which they earned owing to their own efforts and talent.

Moreover, in celebration of 71-year anniversary from the day of the Great Victory, KazAgroFinance JSC’s team arranged the charitable event ‘Warmest Congratulations and Kind Regards To Veterans’. By joint efforts, the Company’s employees raised the funds and prepared 34 sets with ‘warm gifts’ (lap blankets and bed sets) for our dear Veterans living in the capital, as well as the additional gifts in the regions by the employees of the Branches of KazAgroFinance JSC around the country. The token gifts in the celebration of the Victory’s Day are first-of-all the dignities to the people defended our Motherland from the enemy invaders during the Great Patriotic War.