KAF Has Launched the Active Spring Field Campaign

KazAgroFinance JSC has started preparing for the sowing campaign. To ensure the operability of the agricultural machinery and special equipment leased to the Kazakhstani agricultural producers, KazAgroFinance JSC continuously supervises and monitors the performance of the contractual obligations by the suppliers and service centers, the Director of Pledge and Leasing Collateral Department, Rinat Kemeshov reported. According to him, KazAgroFinance JSC is intensely supervising the performance of maintenance by the service centers. 


01.24.2018 09:43:00
KAF Has Improved Its RAEX Rating
KazAgroFinance JSC ranked among top Kazakhstani companies under the results of VII Annual Report Contest held by RAEX.
12.13.2017 16:16:00
New Fast Food Production Complex
A new Fast Food Complex ‘Kazakhstani Food Company ‘KazBrand’ has been launched in Astana city. At the first stage the complex started producing the noodles, and in the future the enterprise extends its products range of this type, as well as they intend to set up the production of various sauces and spices. The Director General of ‘KFC “KazBrand’ LLP, Almaz Zaripov reported on the matter in the course of press tour. According to the Director of Complex, the Project has been implemented with the effective support from KazAgroFinance JSC, which allocated over KZT900 000 000 for civil and installation works and leasing of technological equipment.
On October 28, 2017 KazAgroFinance has held the campaign for the farmers ‘Open Day’ in Alm...
On October 28, 2017 KazAgroFinance has held the campaign for the farmers ‘Open Day’ in Almaty. The KazAgroFinance delegation from the Central Office in Astana city led by the Deputy Chairman of the Board of KazAgroFinance JSC Rustam Karagoishin came to Almaty in order to personally answer all issues of interest of the farmers in terms of leasing of agricultural machinery and equipment.
10.31.2017 10:23:00
KazAgroFinance JSC took part in the International Specialized Agricultural Exhibition KazA...
KazAgroFinance JSC took part in the International Specialized Agricultural Exhibition KazAgro/KazFarm 2017, which took place on October 25 - 27 of this year in Astana city at the Exhibition Centre ‘Korme’.
10.30.2017 18:15:00
Meeting of Mobile Team with Employees of KazAgroFinance JSC and State Enterprise ‘Transpor...

On October 3 of this year within the anti-corruption action ‘No Bribes in the Future. Let’s do it together!’ the mobile team held a meeting with the empolyees of KazAgroFinance JSC and State Enterprise ‘Transport Committee of the Ministry of Investment and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan’ and the subordinated branches as a videoconference.  

The Kazakhstani Participated in Workshop ‘Agricultural Investment Project Management for t...
During August 22 through September 11, 2017, 12 employees of KazAgroFinance JSC within the Kazakhstani delegation participated in the Workshop ‘Agricultural Investment Project Management for the New Silk Road Countries’ in China. The delegation also consisted of the employees from the subsidiaries of ‘NMH ‘KazAgro’ JSC, the representatives of the Meat Union of Kazakhstan, as well as the private entrepreneurs in agriculture.
10.10.2017 15:44:00
Summarizing the Results of the Second Step of Photo Contest ‘Made in Kazakhstan. Financed ...
Summarizing the Results of the Second Step of Photo Contest ‘Made in Kazakhstan. Financed by KazAgroFinance’ Being Conducted within EXPO 2017.
As opposed to the first step of the contest, the photos taken at the showroom of our sole shareholder Holding ‘KazAgro’ located in the Exhibition EXPO 2017 were welcomed for participation as well.
Greenhouse Kazakhstan LTD uses a modern technologies with help of "KazAgroFinance&quo...
In Aktobe region a new greenhouse complex of industrial type of “Greenhouse Kazakhstan” Ltd. on 9.5 ha commissioned in April of the current year produced 2.5 thousand vegetables and plans to expand for more 20 ha.
08.07.2017 10:05:00
KazAgroFinance JSC Reduces Interest Rates On Leasing of Agricultural Machinery
For the purpose of support and reducing the load on the agricultural producers the Board of Directors of KazAgroFinance JSC made a decision to reduce the interest rates on leasing of agricultural machinery, equipment, special and reclamation machinery, vehicles for transport of agricultural products to 14.5% from 16% p.a.
08.01.2017 10:49:00
The Disabled Children Received the Gifts from KazAgroFinance JSC within the Children’s Fil...
The disabled children took participation in the Children’s Film Festival with the support from the Non-governmental organization ‘Heritage’ as well. The creative group demonstrated its talents onstage and following the results on festival, it was honored with the personal awards. Moreover, the disabled children received the gifts from KazAgroFinance JSC.
07.27.2017 11:58:00
KazAgroFinance JSC Promotes the Goods Made in Kazakhstan
The consumers of the domestic agricultural products from across Kazakhstan took participation in the photo contest arranged by KazAgroFinance.
07.21.2017 18:44:00
KazAgroFinance commented on the situation with "Ordabasy kus"
Press Service of KazAgroFinance JSC informs that on 03.07.2017г. at the session of the Specialized Judicial Board of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan the final decision on the administrative case towards KazAgroFinance JSC upon imposition of the administrative fine and seizure of goods – ‘Flat bottom silo for grain storage’ was announced: the seizure of goods from the judicial acts below was excluded.
07.04.2017 15:21:00
Express Leasing

KazAgroFinance has improved the terms for the special product ‘Express Leasing’ 

06.21.2017 17:01:00
A New Dairy Farm Has Been Constructed Near Taraz

In 2015, Z.Sultanbekov, Head of Farm ‘Birlik’ located in three kilometres from Taraz, applied to KazAgroFinance JSC for the financial support in implementation of the Investment Project for Creation of Up-to-date Dairy Farm for 100 Head.

06.20.2017 16:20:00
The Kazakhstani Agrarians Have Purchased Over 700 Units of Machinery for Sowing Campaign

There are already 744 Financial Leasing Contracts to the total amount of KZT9.2 mlrd. concluded. The farmers have purchased 463 tractors, 126 seeders, 13 seeding complexes and 142 units of other machinery within the contracts concluded. 

06.14.2017 15:22:00
Republican Photo Contest ‘Made in Kazakhstan. Financed by KazAgroFinance’

From June 12 to July 12, 2017 KazAgroFinance JSC holds a republican photo contest ‘Made in Kazakhstan. Financed by KazAgroFinance’ in the social network Instagram, confined to the opening of the International Specialized Exhibition EXPO-2017.

06.12.2017 18:48:00
A Fun Day for the Small People

The first summer days may not go by without the thematic holiday for the little ones. That is why on Saturday, June 3, the theatrical interactive event confined to the Children’s Protection Day took place in the Central Office of KazAgroFinance JSC.

06.03.2017 16:55:00
Up-to-date Machinery For Supporting the North-Kazakhstan Agrarians
In May of this year ‘Akseleu’ LLP, one of the largest agricultural entities in the region named after G. Musrepov of North-Kazakhstan oblast, has purchased Challenger Rogatоr 1300 self-propelled sprayer within the leasing credit line ‘Master-leasing’.
06.01.2017 17:42:00
Secondary Leasing — It Is Favourable!
KazAgroFinance JSC proposes a secondary leasing for those who wish to save and have not enough money. 
05.23.2017 16:12:00
Notwithstanding Angus!

Did you know that a typical Kazakhstani consumes about 73 kg of meat and meat products per year? Such are the official statistical data. It is not surprising; after all, today the meat is the major part of our daily ration.

05.04.2017 15:32:00
KazAgroFinance JSC Won Prestigious Award from International Reputable Issue ‘EMEA Finance’...

This award was conferred to the Company within the annual selection of the best deals at the international capital markets – ‘EMEA Finance Achievement Awards 2016’.

04.12.2017 09:55:00
How you can obtain the agricultural machinery on leasing? Advice by KazAgroFinance
As of today, over a half of all agricultural machines were imported to Kazakhstan with funding from KazAgroFinance. Only last year the Company financed the purchase of 3 000 units of machinery to total amount of over KZT50 mlrd.
04.05.2017 11:35:00
KazAgroFinance JSC: Leasing of the Belorussian Agricultural Machinery Becomes More Profita...

Taking into consideration that starting April 1, 2017 the official refinancing rate has been equated to the reference rate, which is 11.0%, while the subsidies by the Government of the Republic of Belarus for the Kazakhstani agrarians will be 7.33%. The previous reimbursement was 3.67%.

04.03.2017 11:32:00
KazAgroFinance Received the Applications for Purchase of Machinery for the Spring Field Wo...

As of today, the Financial Leasing Contracts for 299 units of machinery for KZT2.4 mlrd. have been already concluded with the agrarians. As well as...

30.03.2017 20:07
A New Greenhouse Complex Financed By KazAgroFinance JSC Is Expected To Be Launched in Akty...

The total value of the Complex is KZT4.9 mlrd., where KZT3.4 mlrd. were financed by KazAgroFinance JSC, a company within the Holding ‘KazAgro’, within...

29.03.2017 18:40
KazAgroFinance JSC took part in 12th exhibition ‘AgriTek/FarmTek Astana’2017’

On March 15-17 of this year, the 12th International Specialized Agricultural Exhibition ‘AgriTek/FarmTek Astana’2017’ took place in the capital ...

18.03.2017 17:00
KazAgroFinance Develops Cooperation with the Canadian and Belgian Agricultural Companies
The foreign delegations consisted of the CEOs of the large agricultural companies, as well as the representatives of the governmental authorities and diplomatic missions of these countries. 
03.18.2017 19:33:00
KazAgroFinance JSC Took Part in Round Table ‘Debt Market of the Republic of Kazakhstan’

On March 14 of this year, the round table ‘Debt Market of the Republic of Kazakhstan’ took place in Almaty city. The event was arranged by Cbonds Congress and the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE). 

03.14.2017 18:16:00
KazAgroFinance JSC Reduces the Interest Rates on Previous Leasing Contracts
The new decision on reduction in interest rates will involve 1 523 contracts for the total amount of KZT46 144 mln. previously signed between the Company and agricultural producers.
02.15.2017 13:49:00
First Tractor for Spring Field Campaign of 2017 Supplied to Akmolinskaya Oblast
In the beginning of February, the first tractor “Kirovets” has been supplied under the leasing program “Master-leasing” being implemented through “KazAgroFinance” JSC. 
02.08.2017 15:17:00
Poultry Farm With Capacity of Up To 4 Thous. Ton Has Been Launched in Zhambylskaya Oblast
The Project, which total value was KZT2 mlrd., has been financed with the participation of KazAgroFinance JSC, a company within Holding ‘KazAgro’.
12.30.2016 16:39:00
Rating Agency RAEX Summarized VI Annual Reports Competition
The competition is aimed at promotion of the effective disclosure of the companies’ information for the interested parties.
12.30.2016 16:35:00
KazAgroFinance JSC Have Signed the Facility Agreement With BOT Lease Co., Ltd

The raised funds are expected to be utilized for purchase of the agricultural machinery and loans to the clients.

12.30.2016 16:25:00
Meat Processing Plant in Akmolinskaya Oblast Started Supplying Products to Astana

In Yereimentauskiy region of Akmolinskaya oblast, the second stage of the Project for Creation of Feed Yard for 3000 Head and Meat Processing Complex for 5000 Ton of Meat and Meat Products Per Year has been finished.

12.13.2016 09:57:00
KazAgroFinance, the first one for the last 2 years, who acted as an Issuer floating the d...
On November 14, the primary floating of tenge bonds by KazAgroFinance JSC to the total amount of KZT8 mlrd. with maturity of 5 years took place in the trade system Kazakhstan Stock Exchange JSC (KASE).
11.15.2016 15:10:00
Up-to-date Granary for 6000 Ton Has Been Commissioned in North-Kazakhstan oblast
The region important project is located in region named after G. Musrepov and financed by KazAgroFinance, a company within Holding “KazAgro”, for KZT842.9 mln.
11.11.2016 14:53:00
Representatives Of KazAgroFinance JSC Participate In 5-th International Agricultural Exhi...
The companies from Kazakhstan, Russia, Turkey, Great Britain and other countries will represent their agricultural machinery and equipment, spare parts, irrigation and fertilization technologies, greenhouses, seeds and plantings, fertilizers, crop protection agents, livestock technologies, veterinary technologies and etc. at the exhibition.

11.09.2016 16:38:00
Train “Tauelsiz Kazakstan” Took the Road Around the Country
On November 1, the information and agitation train “Tauelsiz Kazakstan” took the road from the platform of the capital railway station. The carriages ...
09.11.2016 12:01
Made in Kazakhstan. Financed by KazAgroFinance

On November 17, the session of the Council on Economic Policy under the fraction of party “Nur Otan” was held in Mazhilis. Topic: “Development of Processing Industry, Enterprises with Export Potential. Development of National Brand “Made in Kazakhstan”.

11.18.2016 14:01:00
11th International Exhibition ‘AgroWorld Kazakhstan 2016’ Took Place in Almaty
On November 2-4, one of the most significant exhibitions for the agricultural sector of Kazakhstan – 11th Central Asian International Exhibition ‘AgroWorld Kazakhstan 2016 – ‘Agriculture’ took place in Almaty.

11.07.2016 11:38:00
KazAgroFinance Takes Part in International Agricultural Exhibition ‘KazAgro/KazFarm-2016’
‘KazAgro/KazFarm 2016’ once again attracted both the producers and consumers of agricultural sector at its venue. The primary goal of the exhibition is to facilitate the intensive dialogue, promote the competitiveness of the Kazakhstani producers by introducing the up-to-date technologies in production cycle. 
10.27.2016 17:36:00
In Kazakhstan Gross Yield Of Agricultural Crops Is Expected To Be Over 22 mln. Ton In 2016

‘This year the areas under agricultural crops are about 21.7 mln. ha that is 445.1 thous. ha more as compared to the previous year. The grain crops take 15.4 mln. ha, oil crops take 2.0 mln. ha, vegetables and gourds take 426.7 mln. ha in the total areas planted’, K. Aituganov says.

09.19.2016 09:31:00
Welcome to Participate in First International Conference ‘Fruits and Vegetable Business of...
‘List of participants of the First International Conference ‘Fruits and Vegetable Business of Kazakhstan 2016’ is daily updated’, the arrangers of event - KazAgroMarketing JSC and Project ‘Agricultural Sector-Inform: Fruits and Vegetables’ say. During the last week, their registration have confirmed such companies as:
09.15.2016 15:04:00
In Karagandinskaya Oblast The Sturgeon Farm Has Been Launched With Support From KazAgroFin...
The Project’s value is KZT520 mln, where KZT180 mln. are loan from KazAgroFinance, and the remaining ones are owned capital.
08.26.2016 12:16:00
KazAgroFinance JSC and Citibank JSC have signed a bilateral loan agreement on attracting 1...
The raised funds will be spent on purchase and further lease out of Russian-manufactured agricultural equipment to meet needs of Kazakh farmers. 
08.24.2016 17:32:00
Welcome to Participate in Press Tour to Sturgeon Farm in Karagandinskaya Oblast
On August 25, 2016, the official launch of the largest in Kazakhstan and one in the region farm selling the sturgeon flesh will take place! 
08.24.2016 15:41:00
3.6% of interest rate for leasing of Belarusian equipment will be subsidized by the Govern...

In May of the current year, KazAgroFinance JSC and the Government of the Republic of Belarus signed an agreement "On conditions of providing the lessees of the Republic of Kazakhstan with goods, manufactured in the Republic of Belarus".

07.20.2016 10:06:00

Implemented Projects


The activities of "KazAgroFinance" The activities of "KazAgroFinance"
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